90210 Series 4 episode 14 Review.

5 years ago

In the UK 90210 gets shown behind of the US. So we are on ep 14.
when series 4 started I randomly watched an episode and really liked it, so i went back and watched every single episode.
Not sure what I make of Adrianna and Dixon as couple, think its slightly odd how Navid and Dixon have kinda of swapped girlfriends. I really want Navid and Silver to get back together especially now Gregs adopted daughter has turned about to be Adrianna`s daughter. I hope Navid or Silver tell her, but she did give her away so its not like she can just `have her back`. I also want Liam and Annie to get back together! why has he just randomly gone off with a psycho. Then again Annie did the same! Although I love Liam and Annie, I loved Naomi and Liam more. Then again Liam with anyone is great. Also want Ivy to get back with her husband, that was sad how it just ended. Also some non relationship story lines would be great ahah.
Will I be happy with the Series 4 ending? (those who have watched on)

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