9 Worst Fashion Trends of The Decade

4 years ago

1. Crocs
Number one is crocs. Oh where oh where to even begin. Let us first recognize that in this day and age of Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, cloning, ipods and self-cleaning robots, creating a fashion-forward shoe should not be so difficult. However, these immensely popular `shoes` as some would call them, are simply unsightly chunks of rubber with some breathing holes on top.

2. Juicy Tracksuits
Juicy Tracksuits are an interesting phenomenon actually. Focusing on the `fashion` aspect. These are a major NO. The fact that most women`s behinds are not made to be stuffed into some small polyester-spandex pants are just one aspect of why. They are tacky all the way, and no man in search of a classy woman would dare think of you as `take home to mama material!`

3. Ponchos
This one is completely self-explanatory. In what situation would a poncho be deemed acceptable or even warranted?
Hmm, without being a stereotypical a-hole and saying `rodeo`, there are NONE. Wearing a poncho at the beach? NO. Wearing one to an office meeting? NO. Wearing one to a party? NO.
See, there is no such need to wear a poncho. Just say NO!

4. Iconic Nerd Glasses
This is one of the more recent fashion trends I do not understand. If you truly are a nerd/geek and want to display it, can`t you just be yourself and sprout off mathematical algorithms and admit to playing dungeons and dragons? Why are random rappers and actors who probably do not interact with these so called `nerds` sporting the look?
Its just interesting to wonder what kind of statement they are trying to make.

5. Hobo Chic?
In my mind, there is no argument that the word `hobo` and `chic` will never fit together because that would be a contradiction or double negative. (As one who almost became an English major, double negatives are THE ultimate NO in academia.) There is nothing chic about fashion that is trying to represent homelessness. For homeless people, their state of financial being is a serious matter. They do not purposefully want to dress ragged and worn. I feel as if this fashion trend is almost a mockery of those who have no other choice but to wear `hobo fashions.`

6. Jumpsuits
Why oh why? Jumpsuits are for toddles only. Jumpsuits are great for parents of babies or little children because its a one piece that is easy to put on and take off without worrying about matching or oufit-picking. Jumpsuits for everyday women and men? No.

7. Ed Hardy
Oh, Christian Audigier. In my opinion, Mr. Audigier is a fine designer. However, tattoo patterns everywhere? Please no. What would it even be called? Biker Chic? Tattoo Couture?
Leave tattoo art for your skin only please.

8. Platform Flipflops
The platform flip flop popped into US mass culture in the 90`s, and unfortunately made it through the 2000`s. What is there to say about a large wedge of styrofoam block. (Yes, I know, its not actually styrofoam) Is this a necessary fashion item? Why did this even come about? It makes women look very thick and unflattering. It does not give an illusion of height, which is what women assumed.
Lets hope that we do not see a single Platform flipflop in the coming decade!

9. Tights as Pants
Lets get this straight ladies and ladies: Tights are NOT pants. Leggings are also NOT pants for that matter. Tights and leggings are very fashionable and sexy when worn UNDERNEATH pants, dresses and skirts. Once again ladies, when wearing tights, its best NOT to ask a man`s opinion on it. They will always tell you that tights are pants.

When wearing tights as pants, everyone can see everything! For those women who love wearing them despite this 100% fact, then more power to you, but consider this: Why not become a stripper who shows off everything? All men are starring at your *parts* in either scenario, and the only difference is, by being a stripper, you can make TONS of money!

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