9 Secrets to Shed Weight Fast, Now, and Forever

4 years ago

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Diets dont have to feel impossible. But fad diets are not the way to go. They too often make us feel hungry all day. And, more than likely, the pounds you drop along the way are quick to reappear once youre off the diet. The secret to shedding weight and keeping it off is habits. If you can make small changes in your daily habits, youll see big results in weight loss. And, not only will you lose the weight, but youll keep if off as well because you will have made new, healthier habits. So what are these simple habits you can do right now to lose weight?

1. Smart snacking: Im willing to bet that you find yourself hungry at the same time of day every day. Thats when you need a snack. Snacks arent bad for you. You can prepare for moments when hunger strikes with healthy foods to eat for weight loss like raw veggies, yogurt, or nuts. Bring them to work to avoid running to the vending machine.

2. Fiber: Fiber is essential for cleansing your body. It helps bind cholesterol to get it out of your body. But it also helps to make you feel full. When youre full, you are far less likely to take in empty calories.

3. You gotta eat! Dont ban food completely; Food is not your enemy. In fact, many foods will actually help you lose weight. Making healthy choices when you eat is essential. And, moderation is the key here. You wont feel deprived and unmotivated if you eat.

4. Start your day smart with breakfast: This is HUGE! Tons of studies have shown that if you start your day with a healthy, nutritious breakfast you will be much less likely to feel hungry as the day progresses. Think protein and fiber.

5. Eat more, smaller meals: If you can keep a healthy balance of sugar and glucose in your system youll be doing your metabolism a big favor. The trick is to keep your digestive system working all day so you dont store fat. Instead of eating 3 big meals, try eating 6 small healthy meals every 2-3 hours. It will also help fight hunger pangs!

6. Water: You can curb your appetite and avoid overeating by simply drinking more water during and between your meals. When youre well hydrated, your body works more efficiently and burns more fat. Plus, when you replace sugary fruit juices and soda with water, youll be reducing your calorie intake significantly.

7. No more processed foods: Have you ever tried to pronounce the ingredients in some of the foods we eat? If it sounds like a chemical from a lab, it probably is. Your body has a really hard time burning processed foods. Its likely going to be stored as fat reserves instead. So, look for organic, natural alternatives to processed foods.

8. Light dinners: The best way to prepare your body for rest and avoid packing on pounds is to not overdue it at dinner time. Try to eat a lighter dinner and get to bed at least two hours later. The body prefers to have time to properly digest and absorb the nutrients in meals.

9. Exercise. Taking in less calories will only get you so far. Youve got to burn the fat as well. So, you should try to stay active and get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Ronald Dean is the author of the FREE Tips to Lose Weight Guide.

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