9 Different Eyeliner Styles Tutorial!

3 years ago

I like to do do the `Drama` look, and the `Double-Winged` look! When I found this video I thought it would be cool to show you luuux girls for new eyeliner ideas to try out! Who knows, you may like a change of pace and trying something new :)
I personally find it easier to use liquid liner to shape the eye then use a dark black shadow to go over the liquid and to use for the wing. Putting eye shadow over liquid liner will not only dry it faster but it won`t smear from being liquid liner and it will last all day without any problems or smudges!
I`ve been doing that trick for 5 years now and it`s never gone wrong, lol.
The brand I personally recommend is hard candy waterproof liquid liner and any black eye shadow! The reason I say Hard Candy is because for as long as I have used that brand it has always worked wonderfully and never creased or clumped up, always stayed smooth and beautiful!

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7ZMIUOqhHE

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