86 Year Old Competes Performs Parallel Bar Routine

5 years ago

Who would think that an 86 year old would still be capable of doing a routine on parallel bars? I sure wouldn`t because other than daily walks and tai chi my grandfather who is 93 doesn`t do other forms of exercise. But Johanna Quass an 86 year old woman who once played for the East German handball team and has been doing gymnastics since her 20s. I think 60 years of continual gymnastics has kept her really strong. If you watch the video it is quite amazing because I don`t even have that strength in my arms to lift myself in those ways and I`d totally get owned by the parallel bars if I tried anything like that haha. Props to her for keeping fit like that. I am going to admit I am jealous of her strength.

Do you know anyone around that age?
Are they still physically active and if so what do they do to keep active?
Are you stronger than Johanna or does she have bigger pipes than you too?

Video from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTWo9EfQ4Hc
Pictures from link below

Source link: http://newstotalk.com/86-year-old-gymnast-johanna-quaas-performs-parallel-bars-routine/

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