850,000 Android activated every day

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The CEO of Google, Larry Page, in a letter to investors, advanced several numbers on Google. In addition to activation, Google play has more than 450,000 applications.

In a letter to investors posted on the site for the purpose of Google, Larry Page welcomes the success of the company`s various projects, particularly related to Android, its mobile operating system.

Page indicates that more than 850,000 Android devices are activated every day and shows a good bet that this operating system, and demonstrates the importance of partnerships, existing partnerships with more than 55 manufacturers and 300 operators. Still on the Android, Page refers to a 250% growth every year.

Another reference is the Google Social Network +, which saw 100 million active members. Page does not indicate what he means by "active", however, and given that Google has 170 + million registered users, a number will not be so bad.

Page also talks about the purchase of Motorola. In addition to saying that Android will continue an open source, indicates that the purchase of Motorola will open doors for the creation of their own devices.

Also indicates that the page has more than Gmail 350milhões user and the song 800 million users over a discharging time video per second.

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Source link: http://egadgettalk.com/google-android-activates-190-million-device-within-in-swift-period

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