8,000 Beer Bottle Caps form Starry Night!

4 years ago

I don`t study Art, but I did take an Art class way back in High School! I learned a few things and I`m glad I took the class as well. I did learned about a few things about the paintings. Here I`ll show you a painting I know you`re familiar with. Have you ever heard of a painting called "Starry Night?" Of course this isn`t the actual painting by the creative, artistic Van Gogh. Here is famous painting that`s made out of 8,000 piece of 7` x 9` beer bottle caps that represent Van Gogh painting! This project was put together by two UVA students name Ross Thomas and Elizabeth Farrell.

This is why I enjoy looking at Art is because people like to think outside the box. These two amazing students surely did bring their talents to life. I wonder how many hours, days and months they worked on this. Gosh! That`s pretty! Lol Who would ever thought beer bottle caps would make amazing art? :D

1. Who`s your favorite painter?
2. What others do you know or love?

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Source link: http://wordlesstech.com/2011/04/10/starry-night-in-bottle-cap/

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