80% of the assets of Paris is certified sustainable

Besides being one of the world capital of tourism, Paris is already a landmark for transforming living areas sustainable urban heritage. That`s because 80% of schools, hospitals, museums and commercial buildings and half of the homes in the city have certified "green".
The issue of certification of public assets began in the 1990s, when it still was not as sustainability debate. According to an article in the newspaper "O Estado de S.Paulo", was created in France in 1996, one of the methodologies used to ensure building sites around the world, the standard High Quality Environmental (HQE). To receive the certificate, which meets in Brazil by the acronym Aqua, you must follow 14 basic management criteria, such as having a construction site, low-impact, make the appropriate management of water, prevent disorder at the construction site and minimize the use of energy.
According to the Portuguese engineer Ana Cunha, the Qualitel, non-governmental organization responsible for certification of residences in Paris, the rule is to apply the measure does not change the main characteristics of existing assets. "It takes advantage of the current which is the point of view of efficiency and attempts to replace the one that is obsolete, the minimum possible in the structure. Energy performance, it is easier not to interfere. And reforms to improve acoustics might be limited, "he explains.
On the French government, the Centre for Scientific and Technical Building (CSTB) evaluates museums, hospitals, libraries and commercial buildings according to criteria of high-tech engineering to measure the quality of materials and processes and provide the certificates. "The idea is to measure the environmental performance of the entire urban area," explains Julien Hans, Head of Environment Division of the CSTB and creator of the database on environmental parameters applied to construction products.

Source link: http://style.greenvana.com/2011/patrimonio-de-paris-e-80-certificado-por-criterios-de-sustentabilidade/

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