8 Weird Things About Humans!

4 years ago

Here are some really weird facts about humans:
1. Chocolate, oysters, figs, avocados and bananas make people horny
2. Studies show that the internet is making us feel lonely, depressed and possibly crazy
3. 3 out of 4 people have a fear of public speaking (glossophobia)
4. Being ignored triggers a reaction in the brain similar to experiencing a physical injury
5. When you see something for the first time then start to see it everywhere is called the `Baader- Meinhof phenomenon`
6. Sometimes we forget why we have entered a room because passing through doors creates an `event boundary` causing the brain to file away what we were just thinking about
7. The feeling of hate is more neurologically similar to the feeling of love than it is to the feeling of fear, disgust or anger
8. If you sleep less you crave less for junk food and if you over sleep you crave for more sleep

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