8$ Touch Screen Watch - Swatch Touch Replica

4 years ago

You probably know the Swatch watch with touchscreen and being from swatch they are a bit expensive, not the most expensive watches but still expensive.

I wanted one but i didn`t want to spend so much money on one and last month there was a carnival here that has the stands with a lot of stuff from watches, sunglasses, jewelery, etc and among the stuff there it was this watch, a swatch touch replica.
I was very surprised to see them there but i can understand why they would make replicas, its an original watch.

The watch was 7/8.74$ and it really is touchscreen. They had different colors but some of the strong/more neon ones would had the screen background in the same color and it was difficult to read, which is to bad because the blue one was actually cool. I wanted to get one in black but they were out of stock and but they did have it in white, which i wasn`t sure if i should get it or not but i didn`t had a white watch so i got it. Again, i wasn`t sure if i should use it or not and i thought of giving it away but i used it once and i really liked it after using it and got a lot of comments on it.

Again, on the <strong>positive side</strong>, the touch screen works, it has the same design and functions as the original swatch and it was cheap. On the <strong>negative side </strong>, its very touch sensitive, so my arm sometimes touch the watched and the screen reacts changing to something like the alarm and it also always makes a beep when you touch screen that can`t be turn off and with the arm touching it sometimes it makes the anoying beep, but if im careful it won`t happen much.

Overall, im happy with the watch and that i got it, especially for so cheap.

<strong>Do you know the swatch watch?
Do you like this one?
Do you own any replica stuff?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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