8 Great Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

4 years ago

1. Something to offer everyone

A Sri Lanka holiday has something to offer every woman who wants to travel somewhere exotic. Whether youre going as a honeymooning couple, as a family or with a group of girlfriends and are into culture, ancient history, wildlife or just flaking out on a beautiful beach, youll find the lot here.
2. Fabulous Beaches

The many pristine beaches of golden sands curve like scimitars into the jungle fringe and are bordered with coconut trees on one side and clear blue water on the other. But theres more to do than just sunbathe, because the waters are great for surfing. Sri Lanka is in fact one of the Indian Oceans premier surfing destinations and has been attracting aficionados of that art from around the globe since the early swinging sixties.
3. Fabulous countryside and sea life

There are also many great diving sites scattered across the island, especially in the south and west, such as Kalpitiya, Hikkaduwa and Weligama. There are plenty of diving packages such as Dolphin watching on offer as well as underwater safaris where you can Scuba dive and snorkeling to explore the multicoloured and exotic life that lives in and around the reefs.
4. Fishing is for Everyone

Angling is also very popular here and it is not just for men. If you are a women who is into deep sea fishing there are several fishing zones stocked with game fish, and any angler with Hemingways pretensions can get hooked into Marlin, Wahoo, Sail Fish, Giant Trevally and Tuna in these waters, or go after deadly shoals of Barracuda.
5. Meditate, relax and just chill

At the opposite extreme, many visitors, especially women come to Sri Lanka to meditate. Yoga is Hindu in origin and is just one of a whole family of spiritual practices designed by ancient sages to help us chill out. Many people would agree that there has never been a time when it was more needed, and here you can practice the real thing in authentic surroundings.
6. A cultural and spiritual melting-pot with beautiful tapestry

Sri Lanka oozes a spiritual atmosphere from its centuries of religious practice by Hindus, Christians and Muslims, and there are numerous mosques, temples and churches dotted about the island to remind us that this is an ongoing program. What better place to turn on, tune in and drop completely out? The ancient Ayurveda health system which relies solely on natural medicine is also widely practiced here, and visitors can enrol on courses to promote the well being of their body and mind.
7. Meet the colourful and vibrant people

A really great way of getting close to the people and landscape of Sri Lanka is to go trekking in the interior. This is not only healthy but will take you to many places off the beaten track, and through villages where you can greet the people and appreciate that there are ways of life practised on this fascinating island that have survived practically unchanged since remote times.
8. Crazy Cricket supporters

Sri Lanka is one of the best Cricketing teams in the world, winning the World Cup Cricket multiple times. This is a sensational sport to watch and play. Go to a stadium where you can watch not only the cricket, but also the festivities of the cheering crowd as they support their local teams by painting their faces, dressing in outrageous costumers and play local music. Beware; Cricket is an all day sport so bring lots to drink and food to eat.

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