70`s Mobilgas Ethyl Lead Gas Pump!

I visited the National Automobile Museum in Nevada back over the summer and I saw some amazing things. It`s definitely a place I would return to because even after 2 hours in the museum, I still felt like there was more to see! I wasn`t finished yet ;)

This is a gas pump from the early 70`s. The tour guide told us that most cars required gas with lead, and he said it`s not as common anymore. I kind of disagreed with that because I thought there`s unleaded and leaded gas, but he told me those were the facts. I don`t know that much about cars, so I went with what he said. Anyways, I love the design of this gas pump, it`s a orgeous red, and it`s fun to see how the dial on the gas pump is a ticker instead of the computerized ones we have now. Apparently they had small stations on the sides of roads, and you it was a convenient way for people to get their gas on long road trips. The pump is slightly different compared to ours. It`s smaller and not as heavy. I thought it would be bigger because technology usually gets smaller as time moves forward, but it was the complete opposite with this gas pump.

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