7 Very Good Reasons Not to Cut Your Hair

4 years ago

As a girl whos had a pixie cut and a short, chic bob for the past five years, I can tell you: short hair rocks! But in spite of all the compliments from other girls and the fact that even my grandmother approves, Im growing my hair out again, with a semi-solemn vow to never, ever cut it all off again. Why? Here are 7 very good reasons not to cut your hair

1. The Winter Chill

Sure, this winter was mild, but most Michigan winters are brutally cold, and short hair means you feel every degree of that wind chill. If youre a sissy about cold, like me, this is one of the most practical reason not to cut your hair. Brr!
2. The Bad-hair Day Options

Hats and hair-bands are the bad-hair day accessories we can all rely on, but a cute braid, ponytail or updo just isnt an option when you have short hair. My hair is naughty, very straight and unruly, so I have more bad-hair days than I care to count.
3. The Skip-a-day Option

When you have short hair, you must wash and style it every single day, or it looks greasy and even if it doesnt look dirty, oh, the bed head! If you have longer hair, though, washing three times a week is good enough, and in fact, is good for preserving the condition and color of your hair!
4. Braids Are on-trend

Thanks in part to Katniss from The Hunger Games, braids are very on-trend right now, but we girls with short dos cant wear them! This one very good reason not to cut your hair the pretty braids! I want to wear a waterfall braid!
5. Men like Longer Hair

With one notable exception, Ive only ever gotten compliments on my short hair from other women and from gay men. Of all the men Ive dated since Ive had short hair, only one has liked it this way, and hasnt at least once wistfully asked why I cut off all my hair. In a recent interview, even the gorgeous Michelle Williams admitted that most men prefer her hair longer.
6. You Can Always Cut It, but

My dear, if you do have long hair, and you just dont think it suits you (thin hair tends to look scraggly when its long), then you can always cut it. But, on the other hand, one good reason not to cut your hair is
7. It Takes FOREVER to Grow It Out!

Last February, I opted for a pixie cut, and now, after more than a year of growing it out, its still just barely long enough to put in a stumpy ponytail. According to TLC, hair grows about a half-inch a month. Simply put, if you have short hair, it will take FOREVER for it to grow out. If youre impatient, like me, then this is another one of the best reasons not to cut your hair!

With so many reasons not to cut your hair, will you think twice before getting a pretty pixie or a cute bob? I hope so like I said, it takes just a few minutes to get a cute short cut, but it takes forever to grow it back put again! Where do you stand on the short versus long debate? Do tell!

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