7 things you should never do to your skin

The skin is our card business cards, and have beautiful skin can only be achieved with simple changes in lifestyle. If you want to have beautiful skin, youthful, elastic, and wrinkle-free with good aspect for a long time, then it should not:

1. Smoke
Want another reason to quit smoking? Its beauty. When you smoke, reduces the skin`s ability to get the oxygen it needs. Without oxygen necessary, skin cells can not be renewed. This accelerates the aging process, giving rise to unwanted wrinkles. The smoking not only causes excessive wrinkles on the face and back of the mouth, but also the skin is matt aspect and a less good.

2. Make solarium
You should not get a solarium and there is almost nothing more to say about it. All young patients with melanoma are expressed in most due to exposure to the solarium. Ten minutes in a solarium is the equivalent of an entire day in the sun without protection. So instead of cooking your color, apply the color with bronze self tanner or jet.

3. Being in the sun without protection
The sun caught while walking in the street, we conduct ... accumulates over the years. Every day should apply a sunscreen or sun protection cream with SPF 15. And if you want to be exposed to the sun should use the same one SPF 30 and reapply every two hours. And do not be fooled if you think your clothes will give you protection, our clothes just give us a protective SPF 4! Protect skin from daily sun exposure not only prevents aging, such as brown spots and wrinkles, but also skin cancer. Protect your eyes with sunglasses with UVA and UVB filters - the sun can cause cataracts, blindness and melanoma.

4. Sleeping with makeup
At night is when the cells rejuvenate. If you are wearing makeup while you sleep, your skin can not get the oxygen needed. When the skin is suppressed, the natural creation of collagen is impaired. Furthermore, clogging the pores to serve as food and bacteria which may cause pores and emerge more visible bubbles. If you do not clean your face at night, not doing anything to use moisturizers or treatments for pimples.

5. Avoid the dermatologist
Make a thorough examination of the skin at least once a year is essential to overall health and help prevent future problems like skin cancer. There are many more hidden areas in the body that do not always think to observe the day-to-day. It is very important to the dermatologist to explain why, and how it gained some signal. If you notice that there is some sign or stain with suspiciously not wait until the next exam, go to your dermatologist immediately. There are a large number of problems that can be detected in time by a dermatologist.

6. Stressar
When the body stressa, a hormone called free cortisol. This causes several problems hormone: steals the necessary blood to the skin increases the blood sugar level, which can make the functioning of cells abnormally which could affect several symptoms of the sebaceous glands. So when stressa the skin is more vulnerable to erosion is likely to be dull and pale. Should find in your life a stress reducer, whatever it is: normally exercise, yoga, meditation, or take a walk 30 minutes usually help much.

7. Do not sleep
There is no way to have a skin with good aspect is not getting enough sleep. Although not yet able to explain much of the biochemical processes that occur during sleep, whatever happens, it is critical to spend the next day with a good aspect. When the body fights to stay awake, the muscles relax, and laxity is most notable, low blood pressure, decreasing skin color, and is more prone to swelling due to poor blood circulation. That is why we should sleep eight hours per night.

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