7 New England Beaches I Love

4 years ago

new england Beach spots are some of the best spots out there. As yall know, I live in New England and I have to say, there are truly some incredible New England beach spots that most people would just overlook. I was born and raised in Michigan and all we had were lake spots, so to be in a place that has real ocean beaches, it truly is incredible and below, I am going to detail out the top 7 New England beach spots that I absolutely love!

1. Nahant Beach
Nahant is a great little town in Massachusetts and by far, it has the best beach out there. This is honestly one of the ones that I go to (and not because it is just 20 minutes from my house either), it is clean, it is easy to get to and the parking is awesome. There are tons of things that I look for in a beach and the parking is one of them. This beach is $3.00 per car to Park beat that parking charge! Also, the parking lot is long because the beach is long so no matter where you park, youll be able to easily get on the beach without having to trudge through the sand dunes!
2. rye beach
Rye beach is actually in New Hampshire and it is actually a great place for anyone that is looking for sandy white beaches with a long stretch of ocean. It is only about 3 miles form Portsmouth and there are tons of different lodging areas right on the beach. This is one of my favorite New England beach spots because it is more of a day trip for me. It has incredible restaurants all around it and everything is easily accessible!
3. hermit island (Head Beach)
This past week I actually went to Maine and while the vacation house that I rented was a disaster, I did realize that the New England beach spots in Maine was absolutely incredible. Hermit Island (to the locals) and Head Beach to the rest of us is actually a great spot if you are looking for clean and clear water with a bunch of waves. The parking is just $7.00 and it is tucked way back on an old country road. Just watch out for the hermit crabs because seriously guys, there are thousands of them!
4. Popham Beach
While in Maine, we wanted to hit up as many New England beach spots as possible and my landlord actually sent us over to Popham Beach. One word: Cold! The water here is cold, cold, cold and while we did not make it to the main beach, we did make it to a small inlet of the beach. The water after you got over the coldness of it was clear, clean and there was no seaweed. At only $10.00 to Park, Id definitely go back to this beach when the degrees outside is 100 though to warm up the water.
5. Coast Guard Beach

If you are looking for a beach in New England that has some incredible sand and some beautiful water, this Cape Code dream beach is the one for you. One thing to be aware of though is the fact that it is not a flat beach. If you are looking for a beach that you wont have to trudge your stuff through sand dunes, avoid this one. However, what I can tell you is that once you get settled, it is beautiful. It is ideal for sunbathers and swimmers alike!
6. Aquinnah Public Beach
This is another Cape Cod beach that is fantastic to bring your family to! Not only is it a 10-minute walk to the Aquinnah Lighthouse. The one thing that you need to know about this particular beach is that there are a ton of different cliffs around it. You can actually climb them if you want, but there are sections of the beach that are off-limits to the public. Other than that, this is a beautiful Marthas Vineyard beach!
7. Old Orchard Beach

Finally we come to one beach that is absolutely breathtaking and totally fun. This is the beach for tourists because not only does it have a beach in it, but it also has an amusement Park attached to it. The boardwalk on the beach is so much fun and if you want something for the kids, this is it!

So yall, these are just some of the new england beach spots that I absolutely love. While I have my favorites (such as Nahant), these are all different beaches that can satisfy everyones needs. Whether you are looking for sandy white New England beach spots or something with a little fun this list has it all! What are some of your favorite New England beach spots? Id love some more suggestions!

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