7 Best Budget Beauty Buys

4 years ago

1. Sudocrem

The worlds favourite nappy rash cream is also one of the best budget beauty buys everyone should have at home. Its amazing at clearing up spots overnight and just as great on ingrowing hairs and sunburn. If you dont have children, make it a special purchase. If you do, well, just steal a little from baby. After all, its in the name of beauty!

2. Baby Oil

Another baby staple! Baby oil is a fantastic eye make-up remover and its gentle enough not to cause wrinkles. Its also excellent for shaving legs, a body moisturiser and of course- a massage oil! Again, make a special purchase if you dont have any in the house. Even if you use it on your little ones, its worth getting a bottle all your own.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This one is possibly the best budget beauty buy tip I have and definitely the best and cheapest body lotion you can buy. It doesnt have to be the posh organic kind and no, you wont smell like a salad! It works as a fantastic hair treatment and you can also apply a little around your eyes before bed as an excellent wrinkle treatment.

4. Almond Oil

One of the best, and very cheap, deep conditioning hair treatments you can buy. Apply to wet or dry hair and leave in anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight for incredible soft and shiny hair that cost only a few dollars! Some say it aids in hair growth as well, but regardless, it works in a variety of treatments, and it smells divine!

5. Caster Oil

Sparse eyebrows? Spending fortunes on eyebrow serums or even tattoos? Rub this $3 drug store oil over your brows with a cotton bud before bed and watch them grow back to life within a few weeks, definitely one of my best budget beauty buys! It also works great along the eyelash base for fuller lashes.

6. White Vinegar

This stuff is fantastic, no more spending fortunes on gels and acrylics because your nails wont grow. Soak your nails in white vinegar for 10 minutes once or twice a week and they will immediately harden and grow into the nails you always dreamt of, its nail magic! Its also much more time efficient than getting them done at the salon.
7. Water

Ive saved the best for last as you cant get a better budget beauty buy than free! Its proven fact that drinking 2 litres of H2O a day will give you more glowing skin than youd get from any $300 Creme de La Mer cream. Thats the best budget beauty tip anyone can give!

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