$6.99 3 POUND, 19 inch pizza is whats for dinner!

5 years ago

This is my dinner from tonight! After getting out of work I decided to go to Trader Joe`s, then popped by my local grocery store to get some other essentials since I refused to pay a ridiculous amount for them at Trader Joe`s (I mean a 19 cent banana? really?). I grabbed some bagged salad, bread, deli meat, tomatoes and before I got back to the produce I followed my nose down to the bakery. Fresh bread. Dammit! My stomach was growling because it was like 6:30. I already had tentative dinner plans for home, but I was hungry now. Okay, you don`t need a stick of bread ... so I headed over to the in-store pizzeria (they have a sushi bar, sandwich station, hot/fried food station as well) and saw they were having their<strong> large 3 pound, 19 inch cheese pizzas on sale for $6.99!</strong> I ordered one, was told it`d be 15 minutes and back to shopping I went. When I finished up getting the items I needed I headed to the pizzeria picked up my pizza and off to the checkout I went. Cashed out and drove on home. Since my boyfriend only likes pepperoni pizza, he put some pepperoni on his and tossed it into the toaster oven for a few minutes. I ended up eating my pizza with some tossed salad. It was a very good meal! I love pizza, it`s my all time favorite food, so hey, nothing gets better than that!

What did you have for dinner today?
Have you ever seen and/or tried a 3-pound pizza that was 19 inches? <em>They`re a big thing in Massachusetts all thanks to a local pizzeria who started making them more than 10 years ago.</em>

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