$6.45 for Candie`s Wedge Boots at Kohl`s!

Last night when I was checking through my spam e-mail, I received a $10 Kohl`s Coupon from Kohl`s that was going to expire tomorrow March 18. I never check through my spam e-mail so I am pretty happy that I did because then I wouldn`t get my hands on this incredibility great deal. Since I had a free $10 coupon, I decided to go to Kohl`s today. I actually have been needing/wanting a bracelet for the longest time but the jewelry department was packed so I went to go look at shoes first and I came across these babies! These are a pair of Wedge boots/Ankle Boots/Wedge Ankle Boots whatever you call them for only $15.99 that`s 80% off from $79.99! These boots have a brand too, it`s from the Candie`s brand. But what`s even better is that I have the $10 off coupon so I ended up only paying
$6.45 & that`s including tax saving $74!!! The lady who rung me up was shocked cause I basically like stole this for a cheap deal.
I would attach the receipt but I left it in my purse at my boyfriends!! I really like the style of these wedges with the faux fur trim. I have been wanting a pair after I saw a lot of luuux ladies get their hands on Target`s clearance booties (but my Target didn`t have any left) so these are sort of like it. And I love how the sole has all those lines (to make it not slippery) AND most importantly, I am not taller than my boyfriend with these =) I am still 2 inches shorter than him with these on. In conclusion: I AM A SUPER HAPPY SHOPPER TODAY! And, If you subscribe to Kohl`s check your e-mails to see if you get a $10 coupon because it ends soon!! Tip: Since Winter`s over, all the boots and stuff are on clearance! =)
What do you think of my new Wedge Boots/Wedge Ankle Boots or whatever you call them?
Want a similar pair of wedge boots? http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/Shoes-signaturesaleoffers-buymoresavemoreregularsaleshoessandals-Ember_Suede_Ankle_Boots-lordandtaylor/199946/?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=ShopStyle.com&utm_content=Ban&utm_term=na&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-GAN-_-ShopStyle.com-_-Primary&tag=GAN&ctcampaign=221 - $49.99 http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/Shoes-signaturesaleoffers-buymoresavemoreregularsaleshoessandals-Ember_Suede_Ankle_Boots-lordandtaylor/199946/?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=ShopStyle.com&utm_content=Ban&utm_term=na&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-GAN-_-ShopStyle.com-_-Primary&tag=GAN&ctcampaign=221 - $44.99 Photos via Mine | Don`t take without Permission. boots fashion

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