60s and 70s Fashion!

4 years ago

The 1960s and 70s style and fashion is where its at. The diversity of humbleness was so elegant. Some people wearing suits and ties and others wearing colorful mini skurts or bell-bottoms. What a way to live and dress.
The Mod men of Britain were some of the swankiest!
And who better to jump your sales than the youth?! The designers and businesses were starting to see the huge market that the youth shoppers brought, so they started marketing towards them, which brought this huge influx of money into the economy.
We can all thank the great Mary Quant for creating the mini-skirt and seeing to it that all beautiful women with great legs have the opportunity to show them off.
The downside to this and the biggest reason (litterally) why we can NEVER return to the 60s is size!!
Yes, size.
We are to over wieght to even think about endulging in the cute, small sizes and joyous, colorful outfits of the 60s and the 70s. It just doesn`t look right on the much larger population that exists today.
This is not just for the women, this goes for the men too. The wonderfully genuine styles of bands like The Jam, The Small Faces, the Who and even the Clash were styles that started to let the youth express themselves and their contempt for conformity.
No more baggy clothes, no more of the `I Don`t have an opinion clothes`!
Its all about being original and having a style that speaks to the world about who you are.
What`s your style?

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