600,000 Mac computers infected by a Trojan horse

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A vulnerability in existing Java software on Mac computers, allows for the installation of a Trojan horse, infecting more than 600,000 machines from Apple.

A computer security company, Dr Web, has publicly admitted more than 600,000 Mac computers were infected by a variant of Flashback malware, a Trojan horse that has existed for some time, having been several lead changes. This information has been confirmed by Igor Soumenkov, investigator software KasperskyLabs.

Infection occurs when the user visits a website that has malicious code, for example, a Java applet, and due to a flaw in the Java virtual machine, the malicious code can be run outside the sandbox (protected area of application), access complete the system and impersonate an update for Adobe Flash Player to initiate the infection process.

This infection is now considered the largest botnet machines Apple has always been recognized by the operating systems extremely safe and virus free.

Source link: http://www.pcworld.com/article/248459/mac_malware_threats_increase.html

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