6 Ultimate Style Principles

4 years ago

1. Make any Big Event a Red-Carpet Moment
Whether youre going to your sisters, aunts, or friends wedding, prom, New Year party, Christmas party, big family reunion, etc. You should always treat each of these like your lifetime glorious moment and its true that once when we look back we will not regret.

2. the One-Piece Rule
You only need that ONE PIECE to make you outfit stands out. You only need that ONE PIECE to express yourself. Let it be a scarf, tie, hat, bag, belt, jacket, accessories, etc. You only need ONE PIECE to shine and grab attentions. So, select wisely by choosing the unique shape, strategically placing it or pairing it with something that complement it!

3. Demand Quality, Whether its a Luxe Gown or a Tank Top!
ay attention to the smallest details, such as the seam and stitches. A $4 tanks fabric is definitely thinner and not as soft, the seam line is probably not as straight and neatly lined as a $20 one. So, dont settle for anything shoddy. Youre never your best self if you dont enjoy what you have on, Very Wang.

4. Layering, layering, and layering

5. Use Accessories as Status Symbols

6. Embrace your Sensuality Yourself!
Express yourself in a subtle, not overt ways, Very Wang. I love her way of look in fashion, When you become more comfortable with your sensuality, asserting it makes you irresistible and dangerous!

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Source: instyle mag - summarized by me.

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