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4 years ago

After being stuck home for since Wednesday my fiance` finally agreed to go out. That and it was his sisters house we were going to since it was her birthday. As much as people can argue that staying home for almost 5 days straight, it can get boring when your meds make you drowsy and sleepy all day. but thanks to that yucky med I am almost with my voice at 100%

Anyways, we stopped by Target in the suburbs (secretly jumped for joy) to buy a birthday card. I of course ventured off to see what goodies I found since city targets are stocked differently that suburb. ( I`m serious!!)

Ive always have mentioned that at my local target its hard for me to find shoes my size with a great price. Well burbTarget as I`ll call it shocked me, it seem there was only my size left in shoes on sale... they had alot of good shoes on sale so if you happen to need to stop at target for something go check out their shoes...

<strong>Mossimo Osanna flat Orgi. $19.99 sale: $5.98</strong>

At first when they came out I heard they were a "look for less" to DolceVita`s $79+ oxford shoe. I wasn`t to fond of them since it is out of my comfort zone. The ultimate reason I bought them was they were comfortable. They look really cute on and figured I could wear them to work as long as the weather permitted.

Target has done it again! As much as I try to NOT be a loyal customer I fail!

Like or dislike the shoes???

Would you wear them??


((Pictures are mine Please don`t take))

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