6 foods not to put in your trolley

4 years ago

Are you looking to lose weight? Are you finding it kind of difficult? There could be a number of reasons your weight loss isnt working, and hidden sugars in the food youre consuming may be one of them.

These are the foods you thought were kind of healthy, or at least not all that bad for you. The foods that contain more sugar than what you may have allowed for your daily intake. Consume too many of these secretly-sweetened foods and the sugars they contain can morph into the bad kind of fats that cause weight-gain.

So, which foods should you skip putting into your trolley? Well, its a good idea to check the sugar content on the nutritional panel of all foods you buy as all brands can differ slightly. As a guide to help you when you hit the supermarket, here are the foods that you may not know contain sugar

Yep, your BBQs best friend isnt as harmless as you may well think. Hidden sugars are what makes tomato sauce taste so awesome so next time you go to add a little to your sausages - go easy, or opt for a mustard or home-made tomato salsa instead.

FOOD WITH HIDDEN SUGARS #2: Salad dressings
Its true, some salad dressings contain more hidden sugar than others so if youre watching your weight, stay away from creamy dressings like Ranch, Thousand Island and mayonnaise (as sugar is what makes them taste so very sweet), and opt for clearer dressings that contain lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic for flavour instead.

If youre watching your calories, dont be fooled by cereals that pose as healthy options. Anything toasted with honey more than likely contains a high sugar quantity and is probably a no-no. Instead, opt for pure grains that contain fruit pieces for flavour. Cereals that are high in fibre and have a low GI will make you feel fuller for longer and are normally the varieties that dont contain as much sugar as the fun alternatives.

FOOD WITH HIDDEN SUGARS #4: Canned soups/veggies
Ever wondered why your favourite canned soups and veggies last so long? Its because sugar is added during the canning process in an effort to extend the shelf life of these foods. Factor this into your daily sugar intake, or try to eat fresh soups and veggies instead. Youve been warned.

FOOD WITH HIDDEN SUGARS #5: Frozen dinner meals
Similar to canned soups and veggies, most frozen meals also contain quite a high sugar content in order to preserve them for longer and make them taste better. Calorie-wise, fresh is always best so try and consume fresh meat and vegetables wherever possible in order to receive all of the nutrients and less of the sugar.

Many of us think were doing the right thing when we choose a juice over a soft drink and we are, kind of. Though most fruit juices contain less sugar that most soft drinks, the sugar content of a large freshly squeezed juice from a café can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar. It may be natural and not refined sugar, but youre still consuming sugar and none of the fibre youd get if you just ate the whole fruit instead. Also watch out for carton juices from concentrate, as these can have added sugars so always make sure you read the label before you buy.

Did you realise these foods had hidden sugars? What are your tips for avoiding foods packed with hidden sugars?

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