6 Cool Lamps!

4 years ago

Nowadays, lamps burn much longer, shine brighter, and use less energy than ever before. Besides being better, they are way cooler than ever before! So without further ado lets look at some very creative modern lamp designs!
1. Teddy beat lamp- This lamp features a teddy bear`s body but the head is a lampshade! Don`t know whether it`s freaky or cute...
2. Martyr Lamp- So this is like a person with their head as a light bulb. Not just any person, this person is a martyr, in distress.
3. Light Blub- I love the name of this one. This light `blub` has a lamp shade with the actual bulb melting away out of the shade. This is a real cool concept.
4. Garbage Lamp- This is a really creative lamp. You can put the bulb in any piece of garbage you find and light will shine through!
5. Sip Of Light- This isn`t a milkshake. Oh no, this is a lamp. This is great for reading and your friends will be amazed at this lamp. The light comes out from the straw of the cup.
6. Abduction Lamp: This lamp`s name is pretty self explanatory. It is like a miniature abduction that isn`t actually happening. It`s the closest thing you can get to a cow abduction.
Would you get any of these lamps? Which one is your favourite?

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