55 ways to take care of yourself when you`re stressed and busy

4 years ago

i found these helpful tips on pinterest and it saves me when i`m stressed about all of my tests. i hope it helps you too!

Say no to anything that is not important to you:
Laundry, phone calls with your mom, demanding girlfriends this is not the time to be nice and responsible. Give yourself the permission to focus on whats important. Getting the unessential responsibilites off your schedule will not only create som extra time and space, it will also lighten the burden youre feeling to keep up with it.

Ask for help:
Theres nothing wrong with asking for help, and youll quickly learn that most people around you actually love to be asked! It makes them feel useful and important. What usually helps the most is to get help to do the normal things; cooking, shopping and regular every-day tasks. However, dont underestimate how important the people in your life can be when it comes to feedback, motivation and supporting your self-confidence regarding the important work youre doing.

Get enough sleep:
An oldie, but a goodie. This old advice is not only essential when it comes to self-care, it is also absolutely essential when it comes to being able to do your best. Particularly important when it comes to exam periods and work stress, sleep will help you achieve. Its easy to think that a few extra hours of work will do you more good, but it wont. Sleep will.

Drink tea:
Coffee will only get you that far, before it sends you down into tiredness again. While still being hot and comforting, tea (and especially the herbal kind) wont make you dehydrated and shaky. If youre feeling tired and think you need a coffeine boost, go for cold water (or iced tea) instead. Cold water will help wake you up!

Listen to your favourite music:
Calm music will help you calm down and upbeat music will help you up your game. Pick music that wont distract you (like music without lyrics or in a foreign language). Your favourite music will boost your mood and keep you happy, no matter how tired you are.

Eat healthy and green food:
I know its tempting to order pizza, but it really pays off to take your time to cook and eat nutritious and healthy food. Not only will it help you achieve better, it will also boost your mood! I truly recommend heading over to The Stonesoup for some quick and easy recipes. Most of these recipes can be made in less than 10 minutes!

Take 5 minutes in the morning to just stretch and breathe:
If you start your day in a stressful way, youll probably feel stressed for the rest of the day as well. Make sure your morning starts with 5 minutes of silence and ease. Stand up and stretch your body to make you as tall as you can be. Then bend over and touch the ground. Stretch again. Try to just feel your body and pay attention to your breath. Starting the day in a way like this will make you more relaxed as well!

Walk everywhere:
You might be busy and think that every minute is valuable time to put into your work, but some extra minutes of walking might be a better way to spend some time. If you live close to where youre going, its better to walk than to use public transport (or your car). Not only will the exercise be good for you, you also get some important fresh air and daylight. If you have to commute, get off public transport one or two stops too early, or park your car further away than usual. The extra minutes of fresh air will save you lots of time when you start working and feel more focused.

Take 5-minute mini-breaks every hour:
You cant stay focused all the time. No matter how efficient you work, youll always get distracted, let your mind wander or end up spending time reading e-mail (and blogs) instead. A better way to spend this time is to get up from your chair, walk outside and take a 5-minute break. The change of place, the change of physical posture and the movement will make it easier to start again when your break is over. Youll also give your brain a chance to relax and process information, which is essential for your well-being.

Break your self-care habits into smaller tasks and do one each day:
No need to look like youre constantly running after your life, even if you are! Just break up your routine into smaller, and more achievable chunchs. Shave your legs one day, paint your nails the next day, wash your hair the day after, etc. This approach also works with keeping your house tidy just do one little chore every day and youll stay on top of everything more easily.

Make a plan of everything that needs to be done:
Instead of juggling all your to-dos and must-remembers, write them down on a piece of paper. Then make a plan of how you are going to manage everything before your deadline. You may have to schedule a lot of tasks on certain days, and it may seem like too much to do, but at least youll know that everything will get done. Make sure you stick to the plan, every single day. Dont fall for the temptation to start on tomorrows tasks today, trust that the plan will take you there, and enjoy some free time on the days when you finish your tasks early.

Make sure you keep in touch with your friends:
Just a few text messages, tweets or the occational coffee will make sure your friendships dont suffer. You will feel much better when you focus on something else entirely, and it will prevent you form becoming a workaholic hermit. You dont have to keep in touch with everybody, most people will understand that youre having a busy period. Just make sure you stay in touch with the people that make you happy and inspired.

Make room for rest:
This ones important. Make sure that whenever you plan to rest really rest. That means that you will have to make a conscious effort to push all work-related thoughts and worries away. Its also important that you rest your mind as well as your body. 5 minutes of stillness is better than 30 minutes in front of the TV!

Surround yourself with inspiring photos:
Put up some of your favourite photos where you can see them when you work. Whenever you get unfocused, you will feel much better if you can rest your eyes on something pretty, rather than everything that reminds you of how busy you are. If you cant put up photos at work or in a study hall, bring a scrapbook or use Pinterest on your computer.

Write a daily gratitude list:
A daily gratitude list is really helpful to shift your focus and help you appreciate the situation. It doesnt have to be long, a few sentences will do. If you keep a gratitude journal, you can also look back on your previous entries whenever you need a little boost of happiness and motivation.

Spend your lunchtime as sacred you-time:
and enjoy your healthy food with a little journaling, blog-reading, or people-watching. See it as a way to nourish your soul on several levels. Its important to eat, but its equally important to be inspired, creative, silly, whimsical and happy.

Write a worry-list:
Stress makes us more vulnerable, and worry can be a nasty side-effect of a busy period. If you find yourself worrying a lot, its a good idea to write a daily worry-list. Whenever you catch a worrying thought, write it down and save it for later. Spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5-minutes in the evening worrying about whatever you put on your list. It may sound simple, but postponing your worry will actually make it less worrying whenever you sit down and actually think about it in peace and quiet.

Take a run or a long walk:
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Any sort of excercise will release endorophins, your body will thank you + it clears your head so you can focus on all the important work that lies ahead.

Keep a planner and shedule no-appointments time:
To make your life less chaotic, its a good practice to keep a planner. Make sure you write down every single appointment, to save yourself from unwanted surprises and missed meetings. Just remember to schedule time for yourself. Honor your appointment with yourself just as much as you would keep an appointment with anyone else. Just make sure you schedule time with yourself first anyone else needs to come in second in your life.

Keep track of your achievements:
It may seem like youre never going to get over a busy period, which is why you should keep a list of achievements close at any time.Whenever you hit a milestone write it down! It will be very useful when youre feeling tired by the end of the day and know that you still have several more hours of work before you can call it a day.

Wear your pretty clothes:
and be busy with style! If you dress nicely, chances are youll feel better too. All it takes is 5 minutes in the morning, and with your most powerful, wonderful and pretty clothes on, youll feel like a million for the rest of the day.

Go to a yoga class:
Or do some yoga at home. Even ten minutes of savasana is better than nothing, and will recharge your batteries (and your mind).

Take a hot bath:
Nothing helps you relax like a hot bath. Use your favourite bubbles, turn off the light, light some candles and youre good to go. One hour in the bath in the evening may be the best way to relax because of this simple fact you cant take your work and your computer with you.

Light candles:
Candles have a relaxing effect, especially gently scented ones. If you cant light candles in your workplace, make sure you light them when you get home. Lavender and cedarwood are scents that can help you relax.

Write support-thoughts and affirmations:
Support-thoughts are thougths written down when youre calm, that can support you when you are really busy and tired. For example, a gentle reminder of why youre doing all the work, a short pep-talk, or a reminder of how wonderful you are is an amaxing way of taking care of yourself.

Craft an emotional emergency plan:
Ideally, you should have this written down before you enter a really busy period. If everything goes wrong, and youre maxed out, panicky or just plain exhausted who do you call? what do you do? where do you go? Planning this in advance is self-care on a high level.

Do I need to say more? When stress builds up, take five seconds off and just breathe. Deep.

Do something silly:
Dont forget to have fun! Who said you cant laugh, even though youre busy! Make jokes, engage with you co-workers, read comics and just allow yourself to be silly for a little while. I promise it wil boost your mood, your co-workers moods and a little laughter every day will help you through a really challenging time.

Now is not the time to play superwoman. Be nice to yourself and let your brain tackle one task at a time. Rumours have it that this is more productive in the long run

Read Focus by Leo Babauta:
This book is quick to read (and theres a free version!) and it will change your work habits and make it much easier to be you. Enough said.

Take the last evening off:
The last night before your big D(r)eadline is the night to relax. Panicking in the last minute isnt a very good way of taking care of yourself. And you dont want to oversleep on your exam day, have dark circles under your eyes on presentation day or distroy everything in the last minute because you spent the last night cramming. Take the last evening (or even the last day) off and relax. Youve done your best, theres nothing more you can do. Pat yourself on your back you made it.

Keep a tidy workspace:
It will make you more focused, relaxed and less overwhelmed.

Create some routines:
When work or studies take all your focus, it can be useful to create some new habits or routines to take some of the burden off your back. Make it a habit to cook a larger batch of dinner on day 1, and eat leftovers for the next two days. Use Sundays to prepare what to wear for the next couple of days. Wear your hair in a ponytail five days in a row. This is not the time to expect yourself to find lots of different and exciting outfits, hairdos or recipes.

Write things down:
When youre mind is working over-time, let it relax by helping yourself remember everything. Write down any ideas, to-dos, must-remembers and other things you have to remember. This way, you dont have to carry the additional stress of remembering everything you need to remember.

Accept a little clutter and mess:
Just let it be. Some dust and a little dirt has never hurt anyone. Focus on whats important to you, you can always clean up the mess later. Just dont go around and feel bad about it on top of everything else!

Allow your emotions to come to the surface:
If youre tired and sad, cry it all out. If youre stressed, dont try to put on a mask and hide it. Get it all out, all the frustration, the overwhelm, the anger and the fear. Youll feel much better after.

Honor your limits:
Set some limits and stick with them. A lot of tasks when were busy dont have a set limit, like when youre studying and being creative. Its easy to feel like youre never quite done. Set some clear limits for yourself and honor them. Say to yourself; when the time is up, Im DONE.

Take the weekends completely off:
If youre under constant pressure over an extended period of time, its good practice to keep the weekends completely sacred. This means no work e-mail or calls, no appointments or catching up.

Gather your support group:
Call your mother and ask her to help you take care of the house, tell your girlfriends what youre dealing with, seek out others in the same situation as you, and make sure your partner is on your team. Not only can they help with practical tasks, they will give you lots of moral support and youll feel less alone.

Outsource what you can, for example your home cleaning, laundry or bookeeping.

If youre working on a team make sure you dont try to do everything yourself, delegate as much as you can to lighten your load.

Get more sunlight:
Especially if your busy period is happening in winter, make sure you get your daily dose of sunlight if youre spending a lot of time in gloomy libraries and workplaces.

Take your vitamins:
This wont even take you a minute just go for a multivitamin paired with your breakfast. Especially important if youre eating a lot of processed and unhealthy foods when youre busy, but remember that vitamins dont make up for an unhealthy diet.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables:
Keep some fruits and nuts close by and snack when youre hungry. Dont forget the veg, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and carrots are great snacks!

Use scented oils in the shower

Lavender to relax, or a little peppermint to wake you up all you need is a drop or two of essential oil in the shower.

Resist the urge to be productive all the time:
You cant be equally productive every single waking moment, so you might as well schedule some off time right away. Be nice to you

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