504 Gateway Error led to Corrupted Post amp No points

4 years ago

Just wondering if a moderator could help me on this.

Last night, when I was making a post, I kept getting an error that read "504 Gateway Error".

Afterwards, I kept refreshing my browser and I noticed that the post never made it on my page.

So I went to bed.

This morning, the post got online, however, I never got points for it (none for sharelinks, none for posting, and none for shoplinks). The weird part is, there wasn`t even a photo!

So I went back this morning and tried to upload the photo, however, it kept telling me "Photo was uploaded twice".

Now, I`m a bit worried that the post is still up and points would be unfairly taken away because of this weird glitch.

Should I e-mail support team about this? Last week, I filed the error that I got points deducted for not posting shoplinks, however, no one replied even after I sent a follow-up e-mail.

Would someone be able to look into this for me?

It`s only my 2nd week here and I`ve already had 2 weird errors happen on me.


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