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9 months ago

Hey luuuxers,

A few weeks ago, E.L.F. was having a 50 % off sale on their website.

I have noticed a few YouTubers mentioning some new ELF products lately, and I figured this would be the best time to try them out!

Unfortunately, some of the brushes I really wanted to try were exempt from this promotion. But the few I really wanted to order anyways were also out of stock! Just my luck...

I did end up with a few goodies though.

The first thing I wanted was the new Matte version of their Fiji blush and bronzer duo. They made a matte version of this due to popular demand. Originally, this product only came in one shade and was matte. But later they added some more shades and suddenly all of them had some shimmer! I have one of the shimmery one`s and I have to say, I do not like it! So when I noticed they were back with the matte option, I knew I wanted to pick one up. These are normally only 3 dollars but at half off, who can resist?

Next up is the Prism Eyeshadow palette. I heard about this through the YouTube grapevine, and it is supposed to have awesome pigmentation. There is also a nude version, but I decided on the darker, smoky jeweled tone version of this palette. This palette is normally 10 bucks but I paid only 5 :).

I also noticed that ELF has a lip colour remover similar to the Sephora brand one I purchased a while ago. I love the Sephora brand one, and actually, it was the first item I ever purchased thanks to Luuux`s weekly contests! But that product is difficult to find in stores and has been out of stock online, and I`m not sure if it is being discontinued. So seeing that this could be a potential substitute, I picked one up (regularly 3 dollars). I`m hoping this will be a dupe for the Sephora brand one!

And since I had a new lip colour remover, might as well get a few lipsticks to test it out.

One of my all time favourite ELF products is the Matte Lip Colours since they are truly matte and have amazing colour payoff. I have 5 or 6 shades already, but this one, Hot Commodity, is missing from my collection.

I also decided to try one of their moisturizing lipsticks, and I wanted a super dark, vampy shade. I chose the darkest purple shade call Bordeaux Beauty, but to be honest, this one seems to be a let down. It applies very sheer and it`s difficult to build up the colour. I wanted a super dark, vampy look and this doesn`t do it... I`m wondering if this colour is a fluke or if most/all of them in this line are sheer like this.

Both of these were only 3 dollars ($1.50 each on sale).

I also chose some bright and bold colours from the essential lipsticks. These are only a buck each (so, 50 cents during the sale) and while the packaging is definitely a downgrade, the colour payoff is loads better than the other lipstick. I bought Flirtatous and Classy, that are both more bright summer shades, but more whatever reason were the ones I was drawn to.

And of course, like any good ELF haul, I bought myself some brushes even though some of the ones I haave been eying were out of stock. These brushes are very inexpensive but are great tools to have in your beauty arsenal so I couldn`t resist picking up some other ones. While the $3-8 studio line is definitely superior to the regular $1-2 essential line, there are a few gems in there as well!

I bought the blending eye brush and the defining eye brush since they are each a great shape and work really well at depositing colour on the lids.

From the studio, I bought the crease brush (because I can`t resist a good blending brush) and one large brush that would be great for contouring and blending out the face. This brush has an odd shape since it is pinched and the ferrule has slots on the side to help it fan out. I feel like it would be great for contouring.

I`m hoping that those other brushes will come back in stock soon, and maybe I will be able to take advantage of another sale! *crossing my fingers*


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