$50 Haul From CVSShould I buy the Naked Palette?

4 years ago

So a lot of people like myself have though of buying the NAKED palette from Ulta or http://urbandecay.com but for some random reason ...real women/girls hide how they really feel because it`s not what everyone else is saying ..they go with the flow because they think that`s what`s in and that it will make them more "popular" so to speak in the YouTube world... I was one of those people who almost bought into all of the hype on the Naked palette and once I had enough money=$50 to get it finally...I go to see the eye shadows and the NAKED 1 Palette is on display...but guess what?!!!! Ulta was sold out! Sooo... Was it God`s fate? Maybe! I honestly did not like the shadows at first glance for the price (I would rather spend $45 on 3 real pretty bright MAC shadows)...I love sparkly bright shadows and think more natural colors are cheaper and easier to find in a drugstore. I was not impressed by the price on the shadows and the colors... so anyways... I go to CVS!!!! I discover wet n wild`s makeup line is amazing and not only that...most if not all the shadows from the makeup palette from the NAKED 1 palette were all in these cute little trio compacts for $2.99 each!!!! That`s $1 per eye shadow!!!!! Not only did I get like every shadow from the NAKED 1 Palette...BUT I got more!!! Bright beautiful vivid colors with a lot of pigmentation and little to no fall out at an affordable price! Can y`all say heaven?!!!!! I hit the jackpot and was so thankful I did not spend my $50 on the NAKED 1 palette because not only did I get soooooo many pretty eye shadows...I got nail polishes, tweezers, blush, foundation, lipstick and a lot more... If you`re on a budget or think the same...Lets start a new hype! wet n wild ROCKS! Also...If you want the commodity of having the shadows in a line like the NAKED 1 palette...just go search zpalette on google chrome and they sell affordable cute palette cases for all of your makeup! All you would do is depot your shadows and place into a cuter palette like the zebra or leopard print and they`re only like $10... spend $15 on shadows and $10 on a cute palette and you will only spend $35-$40 max... you will save money and get double eye shadows! You could have one line of bright eye shadows and one line of natural shadows... :) anyways.. I guess this post is mainly about...don`t always give into the hype others talk about because it`s not always the same for everyone..if you don`t like it or already at first glance feel guilty or bad for spending out of your comfort zone...then don`t get it!!!! Trust me!!!! There`s nothing worst than buying something that looks pretty or people say is awesome and then you go home and you don`t love it or it`s not as awesome as everyone said and now you`re broke.... :) and left with an unhappy purchase...Get more bang for your buck at CVS!!! If you have coupons..that`s even an added bonus! You will get more! P.S. I got a $5 off coupon on my next $15 or + purchase :) after buying all this awesome stuff...its like wow! I might buy the palette later when I have enough to splurge and to make a comparison video on the wet n wild shadows and the NAKED 1 Palette shadows and also because I know a lot of people say the NAKED 1 Palette is a great dupe buy for the mac eye shadows :)

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