50 Cent amp Floyd Mayweather Beef!

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently joined into a business partnership consisting of a group of friends and associates of Floyd Mayweather. The business is called TMT (The Money Team). A boxing promotion company with a team of highly acclaimed boxers such as Yuri Gamboa former featherweight title holder. There seems to be trouble in paradise though after a series of tweets last night from 50 Cent, stating that "there friendship is over and The Money Team is no more". During 50`s tweets he also mentioned that the business was shut down due to Mayweather not coming through with his part of the money to finance the company. Mayweather was also into some sneaky dealings of his own trying to sign all the boxers that were in 50 Cents and his group and sign them to his own group called SMS which is also named after Floyd Mayweather`s headphone company SMS audio. Who knows what else is to come from this brewing quarrel from these two. Stay tuned.......

1. Do you think that a boxing promotion business between these two is a good idea?
2. Do you think it was disrespectful of Floyd Mayweather to not pay his end for the business and to sneakily sign all the boxers of the company that 50 cent and him started together to his own company?

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Source link: http://www.bet.com/news/music/2012/11/01/50-cent-shuts-down-the-money-team.html

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