5 Ways To Fight Static!

Winter winds are my worst enemy because it makes my hair and clothes super static-y, which can singlehandedly ruin my good hair/cute outfit day. I`m sure I`m not the only one suffering from this problem so I thought I`d share these 5 helpful hints from http://LaurenConrad.com I found that have helped me combat the common enemy that is STATIC!

1. Oil it up: Rub your favorite hair oil into your hair to weigh down your hair and moisten. CAUTION: Don`t use to much or you risk making your hair look super oily and gross.
2. Wash hair every other day: This will allow the natural oil from your hair to build up to moisten and weigh down your hair.
3. Dryer sheets can be your best friend: Use them reduce static build up in your hair and clothes!
4. Brush your hair: Brushing your hair with a natural fiber brush can help combat static. Brushing helps distribute your natural hair oil throughout your hair.
5. Add in the moisturizer: Use a humidifier to help moisten hair. Not only will this help your hair, it`ll also keep your skin looking fresh and moist.

Hope these tips help you out during this static-prone season! :)

Source link: http://laurenconrad.com/blog/post/winter-hair-tips-how-to-fight-static-dry-weather-lauren-conrad-december-2013

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