$5 Travel Bags Set: Designed with your travel needs in mind!

5 years ago

Only $5 for all three of these bags, what a good deal! A good deal like this can be found at places like Ross, TJMaxxx, or Marshall`s. My mom purchased this set from me from Marshall`s and I absolutely love it! The design is so feminine, and I really love this floral pattern with the vines and flowers. It`s a pink canvas with a sort of velvety brown material. Normally, I don`t like the combination of pink and brown, but with this design I really like it!

This set came with three bags. There is one large rectangular one. This one is great for holding your shampoo, lotions, serums, creams, foundations, hairspray, makeup removers/wipes, and any other liquid based products. It`s very roomy, so it has enough space for you to wrap everything up in plastic bags. Surprisingly enough, it holds a lot! So I also put my combs, brushes, toothbrush/paste in this bag as well. If things are going to spill, it`s better to have them all spill together in one bag, then in each individual bag (;

The medium sized rectangular one is great for holding a week`s worth of feminine hygiene products, as well as an mini emergency kit. I`ll usually put my brushes, lash curler, tweezers, and other tools in this medium one as well because they don`t fit in the smallest one.

The smallest one, is the one that I`ll keep with me in my carry-on bag, whereas the other two usually go in my luggage. This smaller one is where you can keep all your makeup essential.

The material for these bags is really easy to wipe clean, and I like that the inside of them is brown, so that way it doesn`t get dirty as easily. If you can find these at your local Marshall`s, I highly recommend them, they come in so many beautiful designs for such a great price, and is really great for holding...well everything!

<strong>Do you travel often? Would you have a need for these?


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