5 tips : how to make your perfume last longer

5 years ago

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1)layer the scent, this means to use the shower gel , the lotion and the shampoo (if you have it) & then apply the fragrance.

2)Go with a better quality, more highly concentrated formula. Eau de parfum has a stronger percentage of essential oils compared to eau de toilette or eau de cologne.

3)Apply fragrance to your pulse points: neck, behind ears, knees, cleavage, wrists, toes, lower back, and even in between your toes.

4)Try putting your perfume on when you get out of the bath, its the last thing many women put on, normally as they are rushing out of the door. Perfume needs time to react with the skin, it needs time to warm up and absorb.

5)Spray some onto your clothes, make sure it will not stain or damage the fabric. As there is very little chemical reaction between the fabric and the perfume, it will last much longer.

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