5 Tips for Healthier and Better- Looking Hair

5 years ago

Almost every girl at one point has either wished for shinier, healthier, or thicker hair and this post will cover how to get all of these things so girls with thin, dry, or dull hair, don`t fret!

1. Coconut Milk Hair Mask (thickens and adds shine)- Coconut milk comes in cans that can be found at almost every Asian supermarket, Walmart, Target, etc. Apply this stuff to your hair as you would with a hair mask and leave in from 20-45 minutes. Then wash out in the shower and shampoo and condition afterwards.
2. Olive Oil (moisturizes, and makes shinier)- Apply this oil to your hair distributing it evenly but focusing mainly on the ends where split ends tend to form. Leave in for 25-45 minutes and really let it soak in. Wash it out afterwards well with shampoo and conditioner.
3. Anti- Frizz Serum (adds shine)- for a quick fix, add some anti- frizz serum to your hair but don`t add too much or else your hair will looks greast.
4. If you have lots of split ends, try cutting your hair yourself. I found a great hair tutorial and I`ll link it in the source link box. Unfortunately, cutting off split ends are the only way to get rid of them. Don`t trust split end serums! If there had been a way to get rid of split ends, some desperate girl would have already found it, lol. :)
5. Invest in Silk Pillowcases (shinier and softer hair)- silk is much gentler on the hair and doesn`t cause breakage and frizz when you toss and turn. This also has the added bonus of preventing wrinkles!

I hope this helped all of you out there and enjoy your healthier hair!

By the way, to actually get healthy hair, you`re gonna have to do these alot, not just once :)

Source link: http://www.foodforhealthyhair.com/ten-top-tips-for-healthy-hair/

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