5 Tips for Clean Makeup Brushes

Am I right about these tips? Or do you have better suggestions..
(pics are mine, btw.. from my last brush cleaning)

1. Wash often.
It doesnt have to be every week, or even every two weeks, but just know that the cleaner you keep your brushes, the longer theyll last.

2. Use plenty of the cleaning product.
Use something that was made for makeup brushes and make sure you use enough to lather up your brush. Cleansers are not too expensive and can last quite awhile- also, you dont have to worry about what is or isnt in the product and for the most part, you know itll work.

I love using beautyblender beautycleaner. I dont know that it makes any difference to my skin or even the application of my makeup, but it cleanes my brushes really well with a minimal amount of product. It does its job and I like it.

3. Keep bristles in same direction theyll dry in.
Theres no need to rough up the bristles in order to get them clean. You can be just as thorough without scrubbing or messing up all the bristles. Use your fingers to gently get the cleaning product evenly lathered and spread throughout the brush. The product will do the rest. If really needed you can gently rub the bristles between your fingers.

4. Its ok to lather, rinse AND repeat.
I often have to soap up and rinse more than once. My thicker brushes always need more than one round and if its been a while since Ive washed the brushes, they all need more than one round.

I wash until the rinse is clear. I like my brushes to be THAT clean.

5. Shake out excess water.
Instead of squeezing your brushes to get the excess water out, try shaking it out. A few flicks of the wrists should do it. Squeezing, or excess touching or your clean brushes is unnecessary and can reintroduce oils & debris to your brushes. Your better off just having them air dry for a few hours extra than squeezing.

Extra: To dry your brushes, simply lay them flat and let them air dry. Touch as little as possible, and make sure theyre in a place where theres little dust or opportunity for dust. I leave them on a towel in the bathroom.

Those are my tips for clean brushes..
Am I wrong?
Know something better?
Care to share your tips?

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