5 Things About FIFA13

Five points for the eye to get the FIFA 13:

1 - Passes are much longer to exit. The player hopes to use her best leg for the pass. At first it`s strange, but the player becomes accustomed to more playing time.

2 - You have to count on luck to get a master ball. The game system calculates your speed, speed and skill of the player who will receive it. Depending on the case, the domain can be bad for giving chance opponent to steal it.

3 - You can make the barrier move forward prior to collection. To do this, you must select one of the players who are doing the stumble. However, if the barrier to move too much, the athlete takes a yellow card.

4-You can stand in front of the marker regardless of the position of the athlete on the field. With a dribble accurate, the possibility of getting in front of the goal increases.

5 - Visually, the game has not changed much over the previous game. The game`s producer said, however, that the trial version at E3 is in very early stage of production and the quality of the graphics will improve until the release in the second half.

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