5 sexy hairstyles - which do you like?

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Here we have 5 gorgeous hairstyles. Now I was wondering which hairstyle do you prefer?
1. The first one is rapunzel-like long lengths. You need to make sure you take care of your fragile ends with deep conditioning treatments.
2. Layers! Layers are super flattering on every length, texture and face shape. You seriously cannot go wrong with these. The only downside it they need regulat upkeep and trims to maintain their shape.
3. Pixie cuts only work on people with the right bone structure for them. Plus I think they look fabulous when they`re roughed up a bit, not smooth and sleek.
4. Curls! Curls can look so gorgeous! But they can dry out too, so moisturizing is super important.
5. Statement bangs can give you that stunning mod look. I think it`s more dramatic on longer lengths. Plus it looks cute!
These are just 5 basic hairstyles that are super gorgeous. Like I`m somwhere between 1 and 2, and that works for me :) So which hairstyles do you like? Or do you like other hairstyles I didn`t put in the post? Let me know :)
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Source link: http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2012/02/5-sexy-haircuts-were-loving-ri.html?intcid=edittrail

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