5 Rules ALL Women Should Know When Your Texting A New Guy!!!

4 years ago

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I said this to my friend today actually and it is totally true...Before we realize if we like the guy we are talking to or not, we subconsciously play hard to get....I think we do it without knowing because we just don`t care....Well the second we start to like that guy what happens?? We totally forget how to play hard to get because all the sudden we care...Once you care about a guy and develop feelings its sooo hard to take a few steps back and let that little sucker chase you. And once you really show any interest in a guy I feel like they back off of you. Boys want a chase, so here are some tips when you first start talking to let him want to chase you.

Now a days the only way we communicate is via text with guys, its like socially now a days no one knows how to pick up the phone anymore....So when we first start talking to a guy there are some little guidelines we should all go by:

1. Stay in the drivers seat. You control the situation, don`t wait for him to text you keep yourself under control and steer properly, don`t get off track.

2. Remain a mystery. Girls you don`t want to be that girl who the min the guy texts you you answer him within .002 milliseconds. Let him wonder where you are and why you have taken an hour or 30 min to answer his text. Even if a guy likes you he may get annoyed that you are too available, guys like a chase.

3. Keep busy: If you are busy most likely you won`t text him and annoy him. Don`t text him everyday make him think you are busy, let him be the first one to text you. Mind you this is not every single day, you can say hi every now and then just not every day I would say every 5 days or so depending on how much he texts you. And do not skip going out with your girls, stay at home on a Friday night because he may just may text you and ask you to hang out...pull it togetherrrr...

4. Don`t seem to eager: Again don`t answer his texts right away let him sweat it out just a little. If he asks you to hang out, especially if it is the night of do not just jump out of your bed throw off your pjs throw on a cute outfit and be at his front door. I did this so many times with my boyfriend now and with my exes and regret it. Let him wonder what you are doing that you won`t go out with him, if he asks you a few days before then go. Let him guess where you are and who you are with. And def do not text him every day.

5. Keep it short and sweet: If he sends you a text just one text, do not answer with 2 texts back, keep it just one!! Make the text short and sweet. And do not give him any options. Whatever you think you need to say you don`t. Be you. Guys do not want to get a paragraph of a text, they like it short and sweet. Texting can easily be taken out of context, misunderstood or impulsive. If you have to have a convo with him, save it for the phone or in person.

Oh yea and be flirty in a text!! But don`t take it tooooo far girls, you know what i mean.

These rules all go hand in hand, but if you want to keep that guy, follow these rules.

Unfortunately I can say that I probably screwed up all these rules about a million times...and looking at it now I feel sooo stupid.......If only I heard of them when I was like 18 and texting was really around......

If you are in a relationship of a few years, these rules aren`t for you...thank god right girls, no games lol..
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what do you girls think??? do these rules work for you? what are your rules about texting a guy when you first meet him or are dating??

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