5 Reasons to Watch Reply 1997!

I`m in the process of watching new drama, Reply 1994, and it just reminded me of how much I loved it`s predecessor, Reply 1997! So here are FIVE reasons to give Reply 1997 (and one of them is because IT`S THE BEST!).

1. The throwback nostalgia: The story line is based mostly in the year 1997 so you get a lot of throwback nostalgic moments like when the girls are spazzing over their H.O.T oppas and those throwback fashions like belly bottom pants and bowlcut hair. The soundtrack is perfect because it revamps old `97 songs to give you that perfect combination of reminiscing and modern time music. They also have these really funny meta moments where they`re watching old school popular korean dramas and they`ll make comments about the actors like `oh he`ll never be famous` when clearly he`s very famous today, HILARIOUS!

2. The Busan accents: The setting of the drama is in the countryside of Korea, Busan so you get a lot of the adorable Busan accents and funny moments when even the main characters can`t understand each other because the accents are so heavy. The actors and actresses really embody the spirit of a Busan teenager and really go for it in acting it out so I really enjoyed that.

3. Breakout new actors: The story revolves around a group of teenager friends and through this we are able to see a lot of breakout actors including some idols! Jung Eunji of A Pink was the real big breakout star of this show, showcasing her vast emotional range and depicting the character of fangirl Shiwon to a tee. Others include Hoya of INFINITE and singer Seo In Guk who showed great acting promise in this show and are continuing to be praiseworthy in their acting pursuits.

4. You can totally relate to it: The conquest of your first love. The crush on your friend`s older brother. Love triangle`s between a group of friends. Sneaking out of the house to see your favorite band member and getting caught by your dad. The show does a GREAT job of making the moments fun and exciting but also incredibly easy to relate to. I felt so connected to Shiwon which really kept me watching all the way until the end.

5. Heartwarming relationships: The show does a great job with not only developing the love line, but also showcasing the relationships between the young friends and also between the family members. There are a lot of moments that really touch your heart and make you realize how important your family and friends are in your life and the show does an amazing job at presenting these moments. Seriously, one of the biggest factors that made this show amazing!

All in all, LOVED this show and would greatly recommend it for anyone who`s looking for a heartwarming fun drama to watch during their break! :)

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reply_1997

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