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I just recently finished watching Coffee Prince for the umpteenth time and it was so good....I can`t help but write a tiny little thing about why you guys should watch it too. Before I start, a little background information on this Korean drama. Coffee Prince (full title: The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) is a 2007 Korean drama that revolves around the love story between a tomboyish woman pretending to be a man and a young food empire mogul. It contains "pseudo-homosexual" elements, because the man does not initially know of the tomboyish woman`s true gender. It stars Yoon Eun Hye as the genderbending heroine, Gong Yoo as the confused but adorable hero, Lee Sun Gyun as the kind and handsome second male lead, and Chae Jung An as the long time first love. With that being said, let`s get started!

1. The chemistry: This cast is definitely the cast with the best chemistry I`ve ever seen in a drama, ever. Not only do the two main leads have a great chemistry going on, the second leads as well as the supporting cast work really well together. Because the show revolves around more relationships than just the main one, the chemistry of the cast members is one of the show`s strongest points. What`s nice about this cast is they are also friends in real life, which is definitely evident on screen.

2. The bromance: While, yes, the main bromance between the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guy and the main male lead is definitely cute. The bromance between the two leads, as well as the four other male workers in the coffee shop is absolute perfection and probably the crowning joy of this show. The drama not only revolves around love, but also friendship and trust. And the journey through the drama, as these characters become closer after working together, is really beautiful to watch.

3. It`s different: While Coffee Prince isn`t the first drama to do gender-bending, it`s definitely the one that made it well-known. Unlike today with the plethora of genderbender dramas, in 2007, Coffee Prince was one of a very small number of genderbender dramas. And it wasn`t scared to delve deep into the issue of homosexuality and love. The drama was risque and wonderful in all of its entirety.

4. The aesthetics/visual: I love me a cup of coffee. And oh man, the filming of the scenes with the coffee in this show was brilliantly done. The beautifull lattes and coffee art...It definitely made me want to become a barista, if only for the great looking coffee!

5. The acting: The actors and actresses in this show really pulled at my heartstrings. And of course, a big part of their greatness was the writing they were given, which was so well done. But I really applaud the actors for just...emoting so well and interpreting the script really well. Gong Yoo did a great job as a male confused about whether he was homosexual or not and whether he was going to choose love or his pride. It was really great. And, in turn, Yoon Eun Hye as the girl who got mistaken for a boy was brilliantly vulnerable and, surprisingly, easy to relate to. She`s a great cry-er. Everytime she shed a tear, I was right there with her.

While Coffee Prince is an old show, DEFINITELY GIVE IT A TRY. It is by far one of my favorite Korean dramas OF ALL TIME. Give it a try, you won`t regret it. I PROMISE.

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_1st_Shop_of_Coffee_Prince

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