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4 years ago

In my attempt to help push myself to get more activity in, I`ve been looking into getting a pedometer for a few weeks now. I originally was going to buy the one they sell at my Weight Watchers meeting, but I couldn`t justify spending $20+ on a pedometer when really, I could figure out my own activity points without needing to rely on the Weight Watchers one. I had a pedometer from a while back, but misplaced it and could not find it for the life of me ... so while at Walmart I opted to take a look for a yoga mat in their fitness section. Well, I ended up picking up one of these Pedometers instead!

It was priced at $4.97, which isn`t bad at all. It looked pretty sturdy in the packaging so I decided to bring it home with me. It`s also digital, which is fabulous for the price. I don`t really like the ones that click as you walk because you could sit down hard enough and it would calculate that as 3-steps (I`m serious!).

My plan is to wear this while at work during the day and since I make about 50 trips back and fourth to the printer/scanner/fax it`ll help me gauge how much walking I am getting in during the 9-5 and it`ll help push me to get to so many steps during the day -- whether that means pushing me out the door at lunch for a long walk instead of eating in the lunch room and reading my book.

Do you have a pedometer? If not, would you purchase one to help gauge your activity level?

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