5 Nights at Freddy`s

2 years ago

If you`re into video games at all you know that right now horror games are a huge trend! From the story to the jump scares gamers have been looking for new nightmares. One of the latest video games to be made popular in this trend is 5 Nights at Freddy`s.
This game is centered around a Chuck E Cheese kind of restaurant. During the day it`s a place of fun and games, kids come to celebrate birthdays and to listen to the mechanical figures sing. When the sun goes down and the security camera`s come on it`s a whole different story.
After watching a few youtubers give this game a try, I decided to play it for myself.
You start the game as a night guard, on your first night shift. you get a phone call from the previous night guard who explains a bit about what goes on with these puppets at night. He also eludes to a previous accident, which left a man without the frontal lobe of his brain.
It is explained to you that you have to keep watch over the security camera`s and watch the puppets. They like to move around through the night and stretch their legs.
The problem is that when the puppets see you they don`t recognize you as a guard, they will think you are one of them out of costume. Being out of costume at Freddy`s is against the rules, so the puppets will try and shove you inside one of the mechanical suits.
Your guard patrol lasts from midnight to 6am, and you are challenged with 5 nights and 2 additional bonus nights if you can make it that far.
Your mission is to keep watch on the security camera`s and when one of the puppets gets close shut the doors. That sounds pretty easy right? Well you also have to reserve power. Closing the doors, using the door lights and checking the camera`s all use a lot of power. You have to conserve your batteries, while you try to live through the night.
So Far I have played through night one and into night two. I wouldn`t say the game is really scary, but the anxiety of having something pop on screen and scream in your face keeps your nerves on end. The story is a bit freaky, but who hasn`t imagine Chuck E. wandering around at a night a time or two?
If you`re interested in checking out this game further you can watch some of the most famous youtube gamers play it, or you can give it a play for yourself.
This game can be downloaded from http://Desura.com for $4.99
What do you think, will you give it a shot?

The image provided above was screen-capped and edited by me. It is from my own game screen.

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