5 Healthy Snack Choices

4 years ago

Hello Luxers! It seems like many people I know are unsatisfied with their diet, and yet they continue to munch on those sugary and salty snacks. We all know what a "wise dietary decision" is, but how many of us actually make them? Not many.

The reason being, it`s simply...not simple! Our body likes the hormones and chemicals released when we eat sugars, but if we eat too much, we`ll feel like complete crap by the end of it. Over the past month, I`ve started to make some healthier choices. This doesn`t go to say that I don`t have a sweet tooth anymore, because I definitely do! But majority of my diet choices are 50% healthier than they used to be. And they`re extremely delicious too! So since I`m a huge snacker, I`ve decided to share five of my favourite snacks with you, which are also healthier than a bag of chips!

1. Fun Fruit Salads
Some people get turned off by the word "salad", but don`t let it trick you. Fruit salads are delicious, because you can throw all of your favourite ones in there. I`m sure you all like a few fruits, so cut them up and chow them down! Fruits do contain sugars, so you won`t be deprived. However fruits have nutrients and antioxidants that can boost your metabolism and keep you more physically fit than a chocolate bar can.

2. Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwiches
No, the peanut butter isn`t 100% healthy. But it`s healthier than ketchup and fries, and will satisfy your cravings. What I do is I cut up the apples into long "fries", and dip it in my peanut butter. Getting a low fat peanut butter doesn`t harm, and changing the peanut butter for a fruit dip of some sort is even healthier!

3. Granola Bar & Green Tea
If this isn`t my breakfast, it`s usually my after school snack. The granola bar should be high in fiber (stay away from the chocolate covered ones!), which will keep you going throughout your day. It also helps with digestion. The green tea is perfect for boosting you metabolism, and shedding the pounds!

4. Raw Vegetables & Dips
This is pretty self explanatory. The raw vegetables are good for you, for infinite reasons. Carrots, celery, pepper, broccoli- you name it. The dip is just a fun way to jazz up your veggies, so you don`t feel like you`re eating prison food.

5. Smoothies
Even though it`s a drink, it`s considered a snack. Smoothies are perfect for after school replenishment, or for summer patio days. All you need is your fruit of choice, some ice, milk (if you want) and a blender. Adding sugar isn`t necessary, nor recommended.

Tell me what you guys think of these snacks. These are snacks that I eat to keep myself going throughout the day, without ruining my body with harmful ingredients. Since I`m still a teenager, I jazz up my snacks with dips and peanut butter just so I can actually get myself to eating it.

What do you guys think of these snacks? Are they yum or no?

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