5 Habits of Authentic People

Hey everyone! I came across this awesome guy`s channel on youtube and felt INSTANTLY inspired! He`s like a Life Guru!! I`ve learned sooo much from his videos and had many `ah-ha` moments.

The video you see above I felt would be perfect to share because I feel that ALL OF YOU can relate to this. Nowadays there`s so many social media sites where people feel the need to keep posting about their lives and some people even FAKING their `awesome` lifestyles online just to show off to others in order to make themselves feel better...aka INSECURITY. I`m pretty sure you all know at least one person on facebook who keeps showing off their exaggerated lifestyles and solo pictures, better yet, their selfies just to get a whole bunch of likes and attention of course.

There`s also pressure from society to look a certain way and act a certain way. I mean of course you have to follow the laws of society but you don`t have to follow every trend that`s out there! BE YOURSELF!!! You are BeYOUtiful (beautiful)!!! And there is MORE TO LIFE than just going to school and getting a degree. I`m not saying for you to NOT go to school and get a degree but you can do that PLUS more! Like have a business or businesses on the side...master at least 8 streams of income even while you have the College Degree! There are many who have gotten their degree and are STRUGGLING to pay the bills! I know a single mom who`s a Registered Nurse making good money, yes, but she`s got the mortgage to pay, water, heat, electricity, cable, groceries...you get my drift. She`s so bombarded with bills to pay that she can`t even go shopping for herself nor take a nice vacation! Pathetic lifestyle if you ask me.

So what I`m saying here overall is that we need to be courageous enough to BE OURSELVES and stop trying to constantly `fit in` the crowd. I learned that when you feel as though you don`t fit in, that`s cuz you are OUTSTANDING!!! I mean how awesome is that?! I`ve learned to embrace feeling and being different from the rest. I know that I was created for a reason and to be outstanding and I am very PROUD of that (I have a Leo Rising btw)!!!

We must also learn to love ourselves! Stop relying on a man or woman to make you happy or feel `complete`. Happiness is a choice and it only comes from WITHIN! I was watching Dr. Oz earlier today and Jennifer Lopez, better known as JLo, was a guest on his show and she was authentic as can be. Even before she said this I already knew it all along after hearing millions of stories of her several boyfriends over the years. She said that she learned this the hard way but she learned that she had to love herself. Hopping from one man to another trying to fill in voids was NOT the solution. As a result she kept choosing all the wrong men out there and as many of you have seen, none of those relationships lasted. Her wedding day with Ben Affleck was canceled, her marriage with Marc Anthony was toast and so forth. You have to love yourself FIRST and choose to be happy NOW. Like attracts like thus you will attract a man or woman who is already happy and loves themselves IF, only IF you are the same already. And don`t RUSH into a relationship with them, take your time and GET TO KNOW them first!

I hope my words and this video got through to you. This is valuable advice that I was given over the years and it has prevented me from getting into any emotional turmoil. Boy am I super grateful for this! So LOVE YOURSELF, choose to be happy NOW and BE YOURSELF!!!

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