5 Great IPad Games to Play

4 years ago

The iPad tablet computer is an interesting tool that surely attracts the minds of those that love technology and all the things that come with it. This light weight gadget helps you to access internet and conduct business from any part of the world. As for games, I played many games Apps in iPhone and I would not want to play them anymore some of them, which are worth mentioning: Fight Control, Harbor Master, Creeps and Fieldrunners. Other games, even though have versions for iPhone, still I had not bought them and saved them to buy for iPad. I quote the Plants vs Zombies, which was the target of competition between me and my wife for several days. Other more games include like Angry Birds, Real Reaching, Asphalt 5, Shrek Karting, 10 PinShuffle, Air Hockey, Solitaire, Pinball, Dizzy, Demolition, etc..

1 Need for Speed: Need for Speed Shift for iPad is a great game of hot graphics in the App Store. I like the enhanced quality of car graphics, surroundings and atmosphere. 3d quality graphics have made the game amazing (especially in cockpit mode) and includes eight cars more than the version for the iPhone a total of 28 cars. Price: U.S. $ 14.99.

2 Plants vs. Zombies HD | Sales of Plants vs.. Zombies for iPhone and iPod touch have generated revenue of one million dollars for Games Developer Company PopCap, which broke a record in the Apple app store. The goal is to defend the botanical garden of an army of zombies. There is not much difference between the version iPad and iPhone, but it included a mini-game exclusive to the tablet: Buttered Popcorn. Price: U.S. $ 9.99.

3 Command & Conquer: Red Alert for iPad | Command & Conquer was well received on the iPhone, but the iPad version is even better. The 3D environments are fantastic and the version already has included the new expansion pack called the Rising Sun While the online multiplayer is absent, either the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remain in this edition. Price: U.S. $ 12.99.

4 Real Racing HD | The title brings improved graphics and several new features such as custom skins and played with cars ghosts (of players who have provided their paths on the Internet). The Firemint game developer has shown they know how to make good games such as Flight Control. The question is how Real Racing HD will be received on the iPad. Price: U.S. $ 9.99.

5 X-Plane for iPad | games of the series of flight simulators are up for multiple platforms, including iPhone. And the version of X-Plane for iPad is one of the best. It brings up to four graphics set. And cockpit offers refurbished with a much more realistic. Price: U.S. $ 9.99.

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