5 Essentials for Winter

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I don`t exactly have a winter, since I live in Southern California. In reality, the title of this post should`ve been "My 5 Essentials for Cold Weather." I mention this because some of the items on my list might not work so well if I lived in an area that actually had winter weather. Anyways, on to the good stuff.

1. Lip chap: Now you might be saying, "Silly, Kennedy it`s actually called lip balm." To which I`d reply, "I know, but lip chap just rolls off the tongue better." Try it, I`ll wait.
My recommendation: Maybelline Baby Lips (in quenched)
Goods: SO SOFT. Smells like the cereal Trix (but I`m more of a Cocoa Pebbles kinda girl). Gives a light lip glossy shine. SPF 20.
Bads: I feel like it doesn`t actually fix my chapped or dry lips. This lip chap only works when your lips are already in good condition by making sure they stay that way. So don`t go slicking it on when those lips need some hydration, it won`t work.

2. Face moisturizer: I can`t exactly recommend one because I don`t know your skin type. I have without a doubt dry skin that gets absolutely flaky and tight during the colder months. I use Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer. It works great, only sucky thing is there`s no SPF.

3. A dark lipstick: Colder days are the best times to wear dark lipsticks! I like to compliment it with either a ballerina bun or high ponytail. Whenever the lip is heavy, everything else should be light (eye makeup) and tight (hair).
My recommendation: MAC Rebel. A deep cranberry red (soon I`ll do a post on eye catching lipsticks with Rebel included)
Goods: The color is amazing, even when the lipstick is gone it leaves the lips stained.
Bads: I find this lipstick is rather dry compared to my other brands (Wet N Wild, Maybelline).

4. Highlighter: That extra glow is much more noticeable when there`s no sun around. Personally, I think the only place highlighter is necessary is in the corner of the eyes.
My recommendation: NYX champagne eye shadow. Dab it in the inner corners, slick on mascara, and you`ll look like a natural goddess. There are no Bads from me on this product.

5. Lotion: Pretty self-explanatory. Cold + skin with no lotion = unimaginable horrors.
My recommendation: Vera Wang Princess. This is the only lotion I will use till the day I stop using lotion. I am in love with the Princess scent, so I was in Heaven when a friend got me the lotion. No complaints from me on this product.
Tell me one (or more if you`d like) of your winter essentials. I wanna see how they`d work out for me.

Till tomorrow, my friends!
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