5 Beauty Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip

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Hello my lovely Luuuxers!

Does anyone know the definition of BUSY? Whatever the definition is, well that exactly what we are (My family) Always BUSY What can I say? We have a tight schedule, and we love it just like that. Traveling is one of the things that keep us busy on this time around and since we do not like flying, we do ROAD TRIPS. Speaking about road trip, that is exactly what I want to speak to you gals about

5 Beauty Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip.

So without further ado Here they are Enjoy!

1. Water
You must be thinking that I am crazy. Well reality is that we are so blinded by all the products in the market that we forget the true essentials that keep us looking young and fresh. Water will forever and always be my #1 beauty essential. First, it helps to lose weight. Second, it keeps our skin healthy. Third, it fights infections. Fourth, it gets rid of body toxins. Fifth, it keeps our heart healthy. Sixth, it prevents joint pain and arthritis. Seventh, it boosts energy. Eighth, it prevents constipation. Ninth, it reduces the risk of cancer. And last but not least, it improves productivity. It also has no calories so we can drink all day long without gaining a pound while gaining beautiful health. So water is definitely a must in all my road trips.

2. Lip Balm
As you may already know road trips can be harsh. My lips are one of my best qualities and I like to take care of them. Carrying a lip balm is very important as your lips may suffer due to constant weather changes and we definitely do not want any cold sores. I dont know about you, but my lips suffer a lot, okay my whole body does, but my lips just cant take constant weather changes. As you guys already know, I am a lip balm lover and my current favorite is the EOS lip balm. I love the fact they are organic and that they smell good, but most importantly I love that they keep my lips hydrated so that my husband doesnt have to kiss on crusty lips. I also love the packaging, I think it is absolutely adorable and I love carrying absolutely adorable things in my purse.

3. Body Lotion/Hand Lotion
As you have read, this post is mostly about being hydrated. The best form to keep a young and fresh looking body is to keep your TEMPLE hydrated. So with this being said, lotion is also a must, especially after a bathroom stop, where your hands get absolutely dry after washing them.

4. Manasul Tea
And this is when you call me crazy again. Well, for those who dont know, beauty works from the inside out, not only spiritually, but literally as well. Manasul Tea is one of my favorite teas, well actually it is the only tea I drink. It is organic and I take this with me to drink after we arrive at our destination. Why do I drink this tea? Well this organic tea helps my body flush all the retained toxins from the trip. After long trips, my body gets bloated and I look like I am at least 10 pounds heavier. Manasul gives my body that extra push to get back to its beautiful self.

And Last but not least

5. An Awesome traveling Partner
Yet again, you call me crazy. Lol.
Again, for those who dont know, our bodies act against our own behavior. When we are upset, it shows in our face. When we are hurt, our eyes speak. And when we are heartbroken, the body has no appetite, it fasts. In my opinion, having a great partner on a road trip is a must. You can speak to that person about your concerns, what you like or dislike. You can be funny together, find out things about each other that you never knew before. Sing together, laugh together, be kids together, etc. You will feel so good inside, and that will reflect on the outside. It will reflect the beautiful you, flaws and all.

Well this is all for now folks!
Till next time

What are your road trip essentials?

XO Karla

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