$48 Hunter Boots!

2 years ago

*A bit of a long post about how I found them and my first impressions of them.*

There is a store in the mall that has been opened for awhile that sells `outlet-priced` items such as clothes, shoes and other accessories. I haven`t been in there before but I recently decided to stop by just to see what they sold. I`ve heard from others that they sold TOMS for $30 and I thought I`d try my luck to see if they had any in my size. When I first stepped in, the store looked as if it was ransacked by customers after Boxing Day. This is probably the main reason why I never checked this store out. But anyways, I decided to do a quick walk through to see if anything caught my eye.

I completely skipped the clothing section because it was beyond messy. So instead I turned towards the shoe section. The section was messy but it was a lot better than the clothing section. The problem with going through the shoes was that all the shoes were in shoe boxes and nothing was on display. So if you wanted to check out a pair of shoes, you`d have to open each box to see if it was something you liked. Also, some of the some of the shoes were misplaced in different boxes and the sizes were sometimes not in the correct box. And some of the stacks of shoe boxes were stacked so high that I was scared of pulling one out due to the possibility of the boxes falling! Such a hassle but I kept searching.

After going through countless boxes of shoes that I didn`t like, I thought I`d give up and go. But when I stood up to leave, one single Hunter box caught my eye. In my mind I was really hoping that it was in my size and the style was something I would possibly like. I`ve been wanting Hunter Boots for a long time but I couldn`t justify spending $165 on a pair of rain boots! So I walked over and carefully pulled out the box since it was on the very bottom. I first looked at the label on the outside to see if it was in my size and it was! I kinda held my breath when I opened the box and was expecting the boots to be one colour instead of two. I was hoping that it would be one colour since it would probably be easier to match outfits with. I was also kinda put off by how they looked since the boot was covered in a white powder-like substance.

But I thought why not just try them on. I did and I liked them more on than in the box.

First Impressions: When I first pulled them out of the box, I was surprised at how heavy they were. I thought the boots were lighter since most rain roots I`ve tried on were pretty light. Anyways, when I tried them on, I liked how comfy they were; this is because of the padded insole of the boot. My calves are medium width and I found the calf area to be a bit big. The buckle at the side doesn`t adjust the calf size at all; it`s just for decoration. Overall, after trying them on, I decided to get them since they were well priced, in my size and I knew I could clean them to make them look new again.

When I got to the register, the boots were cheaper than the sale price on the box! I was really surprised when my total came to $48 and some change. The original price of these were $165! I am pretty excited to own my very first pair of Hunter Boots! If you`re wondering what colour this boot is, it`s the Black and Brick one.

Do you own Hunter Boots? Which pair do you have?

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