48 Hours to a better YOU!

If you haven`t had the time for a top-to-toe makeover or been going to the gym to whip yourself into shape don`t fret. This is a regimen to help you look your best in just 2 days! so what are you waiting for? lace up your trainers and get going- it`ll be worth it when you slip in to your favourite party outfit

DAY 1:
7:00 am
Kick start your metobolism by working out- it`ll help whip your body into shape by reducing the amount of water in your body. Head to the park for a power walk, go swimming or jus dance around your living room for 45 minutes. Also for the next two days follow a low-carb eating plan to help beat bloating.
time for some serious exfoliation, for your face, Trilogy`s Gentle Facial Exfoliant contains rosehip, jojoba and camellia - simply massage onto moist skin, rinse with warm water and pat dry for a fresh complexion. you can give your thight (dimpled or not) a smoother appearance by dry brushing with a natural bristle brush. Start at your fet and work up in frim, circular motions towards your heart for 3-5 mins. Then when you`re in the shower or bath a scrub like Spa Paradise`s Love Your Skin will help get you glowing
Soften your skin with a few drops of super rich moisturiser- try Angelina Jolie`s favourite Yon-ka Revitalising Body Oil with Botanicals
Brighten your smile. If you cant stretch to a professional whitening treatment use baking soda based toothpaste like Arm and Hammer to give your teeth some extra sparkle
Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day as it encourages the body to rid itself of any excess water, but not all at once!
11:00 am
get your eyebrows professionally shaped -it will define your eyes and give you an instant face-lift
have a light lunch of protein, such as tuna or salmon and salad
If you are worried about your lack of colour fake it. You can`t go wrong with a good quality tan like Victoria Beckham`s favourite Auto Bronzant from St Tropez
Sip some green tea- it can boost you metabolism by up to 4 percent
Have a zingy non-alcoholic cocktail. Whizz up two apples and three stalks of mint in a mixer, add the juice of a quarter of lime and pour over ice
Enjoy a low-carb dinner
Get some shut eye- at least eight hours of sleep will help boost your metabolism

Day 2:
7:30 am
Enjoy a natural zingy pick me up- a slice of lemon in hot water will help spark your digestion
7:45 am
time for your workout and a shower/bath
Fix your feet. Invest in a foot file for dry skin. Treat cracked heels, and get a pedicure to help you look better in your strappy sandals.
Practice your photo poses in front of the mirror. Hold your head high, shoulders back, chest and stomach in, one foot slightly in front of the other and you`ll instantly loo three kilograms lighter
have a light lunch of protein and salad
Time for your low-carb dinner
Put a few drops of lavender oil, on your pillow and peacefully, knowing you`re ready for anything

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