45 uses for Vinegar

Off the bat if i were to try to think of what vinegar could be used for i would guess.
-cooking, insect bites,chest pain and maybe removing stains. Never would I had guess that it could be used in more ways then that let alone 45 ways. Upon reading this article these are the 45 ways one can use vinegar

1. Freshen up the fridge.
2. Brighten coffee cups and teacups.
3. Eliminate odors.
4. Kill bathroom germs. .
5. Save a garment.
6. Tidy up a toilet. Po
7. Lose the carpet stain.
8. Renew paint brushes.
9. Wipe off a dirty faucet.
10. Stop static cling.
11. Make old socks look new.
12. Restore handbags and shoes.
13. Banish weeds.
14. Liven droopy flowers.
15. Put an end to itching.
16. Whiten your teeth.
17. Make nail polish last longer.
18. Keep car windows frost-free.
19. Let your dog shine.
20. Battle litter-box odor.
21. Kill bacteria in meat.
22. Prevent cracked eggs.
23. Steam away a microwave mess. .
24. Repair DVDs.
25. Get those last drops.
26. Rinse fruits and vegetables.
27. Brighter Easter eggs.
28. Loosen a rusted screw.
29. Remove gum.
30. Keep cheese from molding.
31. Renew a loofah.
32. Remove wax.
33. Take a relaxing bath.
34. Brighten your hair.
35. Freshen fabrics.
36. Erase crayon.
37. Sticky stickers.
38. Clean the dishwasher and coffee pot.
39. Sanitize pet accidents.
40. Prep for summer grilling.
41. Restore showerhead pressure. I
42. Clean your scissors.
43. Unclog drains.
44. Eliminate dandruff.
45. Soften your feet.

I don`t know about you guys but I know what Im going to be trying lol :-)

Have any of you guys tried these, if so which ones?

Source link: http://www.allyou.com/budget-home/organizing-cleaning/uses-for-vinegar-00411000074974/

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