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4 years ago

Here is another post long over due!
Fall semester was OVER!

All my anxiety and fear was for NOTHING.
Absolutely NOTHING.

I enrolled in school going for my Liberal Arts Transfer in Arts.
I was a full time student.
12 credits. 4 classes, 3 credits each.
It was hard work, I really had to focus and do the work, plus pay attention!
(which was difficult at times)
One can easily become distracted!
I tried my best to push through any obstacles in my way.
I prevailed in the end!

These are my actual grades.
Woot Woot!
It wasn`t easy! I promise you that!
I did finally get it, so in the end it was worth the hard work.
I had received perfect honors and was placed on the Deans List!
Isn`t that amazing news?!?!?
I actually couldn`t believe it!

Wanna know what my man said???
I told you all along, you could do it.
Even over the phone I could hear that crooked little smirk he does all over his face! LOL
What could I actually say, he was telling the truth!
He did in fact, time and time again tell me I could do it.

I can`t lie, it is nice when I am stressed out or worried when he says those 4 little words.
You can do it!
It really does help make me feel just a little bit bigger.
I swear at test time, or finals week, oh boy....
I had an overwhelming feeling of DOOM.
LOL there it is again, anxiety and fear rear their ugly little heads!

I work everyday trying to change the way I think, or feel about certain situation, but it is hard!
Without even noticing it, I have had this horrible frame of mind for YEARS, I`m guessing.
I find it difficult to actually look myself in the mirror and tell myself to stop being silly.
It is MUCH easier to make excuses and feel terrible, then to fight through ALL of it.
Then there is my man, asking the tough questions like....
What are you so scared of?
Don`t you want things to be better?
What bad things do you think can come from trying to better yourself???
yada yada....
LOL Ohhhh he makes me mad when he is right!

Time for me to sit down and have a talk with myself again! LOL
That might sound crazy, ok well come on now, I don`t actually talk out loud....
I do in fact.... think, long and hard when I can.
About who I want to be, what I want to do, etc.
I also like to make lists or goals.
Weigh the pros and cons of just about everything.
Seeing it written on paper sometimes helps me see the bigger picture.

I set small and realistic goals for myself, and day to day I try my best to accomplish them.
Since my man is such a big supporter of me, I try my best to tell him I love him and that I appreciate him for everything that he does.
Although I am not general in talking, being as specific as possible seems to really get the message across to him and helps us better understand each other.

So here is a shout out to my biggest supporter....
I love you Baby!

If you have a man out there that supports you....
give him a hug and a kiss!
Make sure you tell him at every possible moment how you actually feel.
Tell him if you appreciate him for all of the little things.
Little things make a big difference!
I try very hard not to take things for granted!
I hope you feel the same way!!!

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